It's been a long, long time since this site has had anything on it.

I've suffered a lot in the past few years. I have tried mostly to keep it away from the public eye, but everyone else seems very interested in changing that. You're going to see some things you have questions about. I have answers for open minds and skilled listeners only. The rest of you can live in ignorance. I don't care what you think.

I'd like to get a job in the industry but FedRAMP regulations unfortunately limit me due to my record. I have received 5 offer letters in the tech industry this year which I can show you if you really want. I think this solidifies my candidacy for doing the work. My record has nothing to do with computers or even how I operate within the confines of society normally. I have great professional and personal references. I have a young daughter, and while tech is historically hostile to anyone with a family, it's important I do what's right for her by trying.

As of now I'm looking into educating others; something I have wanted to do professionally for some time, but I kind of would prefer it were on other terms. If you're finding my skill set as a match for your job, consider shooting me an email.. For now, check out Scarlett School for a taste of my education project. Bootstrapping it has been a challenge, but I am confident.

And if you're one of the people that betrayed me, destroyed my life over your spilt milk, just know I'm probably gonna keep casually shitting down your throat when provoked until you acknowledge what you did. I'm happy to do this until I croak, or you concede. People like Yuqing Hollensbe AKA Max Luo AKA Max Hollensbe, Nancy Anne Glatt, Sarah Kathryn Glatt, Rachel Glatt, Mark Glatt, Lynne Gadberry, several employees of Placer County and a whole host of people in my industry that I used to call friends, who are only going to benefit from being mentioned. Betrayal is no joke, especially when all I did is hurt your feelings to be punished like this. I guess I should apologize for being so abrasive but I don't really feel, you know, like I was wrong about any of it after the way you all acted. It's honestly sad and childish and depressing that I even have to explain this to any of you. I sincerely hope my daughter sees all of you for what you are before you ruin her life, too.

And with that out, I'm going to try to get on with my life. is almost 25 years old.